$$ Paid Email $$ Paid Email Works for Advertisers and Affiliates!!
          What is Paid Email?
 Paid Email is simply an ingenious marketing method that allows advertisers to deliver information on their products
 to interested consumers. The advertisers pay a pre-determined amount of dollars to the marketing site and the site
 in turn pays you for visiting the advertiser for an allotted amount of time. Usually between 15 and 60 seconds.
 Everybody wins with paid email, you only receive emails from the categories of interest that you choose when
 you sign up and this provides a targeted market of prospects for advertisers.
          How Many Paid Emails Will I Receive?
This depends on how many categories you choose when you sign up and will vary from site to site. The more categories you choose the more paid emails you will receive.
          How Much Does It Pay?
Each site is different. Some sites send a higher volume of emails and pay a smaller amount for each one you read. While other may send one or two a day and pay as much as 5 cent per email. The best way for anyone to make money reading paid email, is to recruit others, this is done through a unique link each site will provide you. This way you get a percentage of every email they read as well. I know some of you may not have a website or the resources to recruit others. Never fear, there are many great sites out there that you can promote your link with. Get Free Traffic and LinkReferral are two of many. Just do a search for free traffic or traffic exchange and you will find an endless amount of options.
          Where Do I Sign Up?

I have listed my favorite Paid Email sites below. These are paying sites, trusted and well established. You won't be wasting your time by joining. For the best results sign up to a few of them or heck all of them. Take a little time and promote your paid email links and watch your commissions grow. Trust me with a little effort you'll be surprised at the results you can acheive.

Best Sites

Overall Rank

Hits4pay.com $$$$$ - Excellent site, 2 cent emails  $10 Bonus To Sign Up
Deals "n" Cash $$$$ -  Fewer emails 2+ cent mails excellent site!  $5 Bonus To Sign Up
Donkey Mails $$$ - Lots of emails, low commissions, mostly 1/4 cent per email
GainPay $$$ - Good site, low payout ($1), 10 referral levels
InboxDollars $$$ - Probably the best overall site but few emails, $5 bonus to sign up